How To Freeze Blueberries

Have you ever wondered How To Freeze Blueberries without them ending up in one big blob?  You know what I’m talking about – that blue blob in your freezer that requires a hammer and chisel to break apart what few berries you need at the time.  Yep, that’s the one.

The “dog days of summer” are in full force here in Virginia, and that means hot days, humid nights, thunderstorms, and lots and lots of blueberries.  Who could not love those SWEET LIL’ ORBS of berry goodness?  If you’re like me and my family…you LOVE blueberries.  What I don’t love is when they freeze together in one giant clump.  Today, I’m going to show you how to take control over those lil’ blue beauties to keep that from ever happening again.  EVER!  How is that possible you ask?

Hang on tight and let me show you…it’s easy.  I PROMISE!

You’ll want to start out with berries that are PLUMP, TENDER and BRIGHT in color.  Avoid overripe berries – a dead giveaway is if the box or container storing the berries is damp or stained.  Remove any mold or mashed berries to prevent the spreading of mold.  As a rule, unlike some fruits, berries don’t ripen or get sweeter after picking.

How To Freeze Blueberries

I’m going to show you How To Freeze Blueberries the way I do.  This year I had 40 pounds to freeze.  I ended up with a total of 60 quart bags with 2 cups of blueberries in each.  I know that’s a lot, but I shared the love with Megan and Kayleigh. 

I used to go through the process of washing, draining, drying, and then freezing the blueberries on a cookie sheet before putting them in freezer bags.  It was sooo time consuming, and I still ended up with a blob of frozen blueberry mush many times.  I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong way to freeze berries, however, I do like having nice, loose, frozen berries when I go to use them.  Especially, since I don’t always plan on using the whole bag.  I decided to try a different method that’s simple, easy and yields the desired results every time.

This is what I do:
1.  I do not was the berries before I freeze them.
2.  I put 2 cups of blueberries in 1 quart bags (labeled with the date). Remove as much air as possible from the bags, without crushing the berries, before sealing.
3.  I lay the bags flat in the freezer.

Well, there ya go.  Almost seems too easy, huh?

How To Freeze Blueberries

The reason I lay my bags flat in the freezer is for storage purposes only.  Since the blueberries freeze individually and are loose in the bag, they will shift around when the bag is moved or turned upright.  I store my bags in the boxes that the blueberries came in.  The boxes stack well in the freezer and help in insulating the berries a little more against freezer burn.

Blueberries tend to be a little fussy and prefer being washed right before they are used.  Also, it’s not uncommon to read or hear that the skins on blueberries get tough when they are washed before freezing.  When washing blueberries place the berries in a colander, dip them in a bowl of cold water and gently swish them around.  After the berries are washed, allow them to drain.  This method of washing prevents the delicate berries from being damaged by running water pouring down on them from the faucet.  This is also the best method for washing raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries.  Be sure frozen berries are completely thawed before you wash them.  The best way to thaw berries is to place them in the fridge or bring them to room temperature.  You can freeze the berries up to one year.


How To Freeze Blueberries

Now that you know How To Freeze Blueberries go findya some and fill that freezer.  You’ll love pulling plump, juicy blueberries out of your freezer when berries are no longer available.   While you’re baking all year with ripe, juicy berries – your friends and family will be BLUE with envy. ;)

Here’s some suggestions for what to make with your blueberries:

Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Coffee Cake
Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Blueberry Bundt Cake



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