Decorating A (Simple) Summer Coastal Farmhouse Mantel | See in this post how you can decorate a mantle for summer.

A fireplace mantle decorated with big round mirror, seashells, blue glass vase, and wooden spheres.

Decorating a (simple) summer coastal farmhouse mantel is the way I went this summer. When we moved from coastal southeastern Virginia to very rural central Virginia I brought my love of coastal decor and all of my inspiration with me. :) I must admit, I have fallen in love with the rural area where we now live with the open spaces and rolling hills. This is where coastal meets farmhouse. I love both styles and have found a way to bring them together. You can see how we made the stacked wood fireplace screen here.

Can you believe that we are approaching the middle of August? Where has summer gone? It has truly been like a blur for me. Has it flown by for you too?  Yikes, I still have a couple of summer related posts that I want to share with you guys. I better get busy! So, let’s get on with it!

A metal candle sconce with a school of fish circling the glass globe on a fireplace mantle.

Here, I used a rustic candle sconce. I love the metal detail with the fish “swimming” around the glass globe.

Two wooden spheres - one on a candle stick and the other sitting beside it on a fireplace mantle.

These little wooden spheres were a score at Hobby Lobby. I love how they look and the unexpected surprise they give on the farmhouse candle sconce instead of an actual candle.

A starfish leaning against a round mirror on a fireplace mantle.

This sand star has been with me for years. I love the contrast of colors and textures it presents when propped up against the mirror. So simple, yet, so pretty!

A straw bag stuffed with a blue-ticked throw pillow and draped with a cream cotton throw on a fireplace hearth.

Earlier this summer, I picked up this Hearth and Hand™  straw bag from Target knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. I stuffed a pillow in the bag and draped a soft cotton throw over it and put it on the fireplace hearth.

A fireplace mantle decorated with big round mirror, seashells, blue glass vase, and wooden spheres.

Recently, I found the large conch shells at a vintage shop that has become one of my favorite haunts. I set them and the straw bag on the fireplace hearth to balance the look. The wooden vase has been empty most of the summer. While doing this shoot I added the olive branches at the last minute and liked how it looked. We’ve been enjoying the mantel decor over this summer season. It won’t be long till I’m switching things out for fall.

So, Is Decorating A (Simple) Summer Coastal Farmhouse Mantle for you?

How did you decorate your mantel this summer? Feel free to share your pictures in the comments below.

A fireplace mantel decorated with big round mirror, seashells, blue glass vase, and wooden spheres.







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