Are you in the market for some pretty and reasonably priced pillow covers? Read this post to see some of my favorites.

Have you ever thought to look on Amazon for decorative pillow covers? I decided to take a look and see what they have, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m looking for some pillow covers to give the throw pillows in our bedroom room a fresh summer look. When each new season comes around, I look forward to the changes that it brings inside and outside of our home.

Neutral Decorative Pillow Covers

Here are some neutral pillow covers in creams and grays in solids, patterns, and textures.

Lined Linen – $19.99

You can never go wrong with a classic neutral linen throw pillow cover. They go great with just about anything you put them with.

Handmade Solid Cotton – $12.99
available in many other color options

Solid throw pillow covers are so versatile. You can pair them with a patterned pillow for a layered look.

Cotton Stripe Geometric Mud (Set of 4) – $29.95

The two prints above look great together and would look nice on a den or family room couch.

Chenille Plush Velvet (Set of 2) – $13.99
available in other colors

The textured pillow cover above look great by themselves but would look nice with a solid pillow as well. It might would also pair well with some floral throw pillows.

Striped Faux Linen (Set of 2) – $13.99
other color options available

Classic stripes will also look good just about anywhere you choose to use them.

Top Finel Square – $15.99

A cream pillow cover with a fringe of poms is perfect for an accent chair or bed.

Neutral Pillow Covers

Floral Decorative Pillow Covers

Florals seem to be making their way back into the trend this year. Here are a few that I thought would work with modern, chic, or cottage/farmhouses styles.

Four pillow covers with water color flowers on each one.
Floral Watercolors (Set of 4) – $20.49

These watercolor floral print pillow covers will look great on a neutral couch or bed for an added blast of color.

Two white pillows with pink flowers.
Mandala Snowflake Floral (Set of 2) – $17.99
other color options available

Vintage style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This pillow cover with its chic vintage flower pattern will give any space a feminine vibe.

Watercolor Floral (Set of 4) – $21.99

These watercolor pillow covers show how you can use florals with stripes and polka dots. These would be fun in a little girl’s room.

Vintage Dahlia Floral (Set of 2) – $15.99
print of both sides

I can see these white pillow covers with grey and blue florals on a gray couch. They could add color and brighten things up a bit.

Vintage Farmhouse + Cottage Pillow Cover Designs

It’s So Good To Be Home – $7.99

Cotton Woven Striped (Set of 2) – $14.99

These thin narrow striped pillow covers look great when paired with a pillow that has words on them like the one above. I think they would also look nice with the pillow right below.

Farmers Market Flower Truck – $9.99

How about a farmers market pillow cover to go along with a stripe or solid pillow. This flower truck would also look cute by itself in an accent chair in a dining area.

Buffalo Check – $9.99
other color options available

Buffalo check and plaids don’t seem to be going anywhere this year. I like these plaid pillow covers paired with solids and pillows with writing. They can also look nice with pillows that have graphics (like the one right above).

No. 7 – $8.99

Personally, I think this numbered pillow cover carries enough weight to stand alone. It will look nice in an accent chair or on one end of a couch, or even on a bed.

Grain Sack – $14.95

Grain sack pillows are beautiful in neutral rooms. The simplicity of these pillow covers makes them especially pretty on white or cream-colored couches or accent chairs.

Coastal decorative pillow covers with aqua tones.
Vintage Retro Arrows – $5.99

The aqua color in this vintage retro pillow cover makes it a great choice to use with vintage farmhouse or coastal decor. It would be beautiful in either setting.

Farmhouse + Cottage Pillow Covers

Coastal Style Pillow Covers

Geometric Trellis Chain (Set of 2) – $17.99

These pillow covers with all the blue hues would look great on a white couch, or a bed with white or light gray bedding.

Mediterranean Sea Shells (Set of 3) – $27.99

These seashell pillow covers will give your room a coastal feel using low key neutral colors.

Pleated Please (Set of 2) – $25.00

Using navy and white together is classic. These decorative pillow covers can go coastal or traditional.

Starfish Seahorse Voyage (Set of 4) – $15.88

The coastal prints on these pillow covers will look great just about anywhere you use them. I see them looking fabulous in a neutral living room setting.

Coastal Cotton (Set of 3) – $18.96

These aqua and white pillow covers will pair nicely with solids or even some other prints. I think they would look nice styled with the coral pillow below.

Sea Coral Blue Teal – $11.99

This coral pillow cover below has beautiful shades of blue and would look nice in a family room or bedroom.

Nautical Arrow Compass (Set of 2) – $11.99

Nautical arrow compass pillow covers will look great in a family room or study. They will look nice styled with a stripe, plaid, or solid color.

Coastal Pillow Covers

Boho Pillow Cover Designs

Cotton Stripes Geometric

A family room with tan leather couch would accommodate these pillow covers well. The faux leather pillow would look nice in an accent chair in the same room.

Mudcloth Arrowhead – $15.99

Dark pillows always look good sitting in a white accent chair.

Geometric Sahara (Set of 4) – $31.95

Pillows with these decorative pillow covers would look nice in a neutral room or a room with a leather couch.

Stripe Patterns (Set of 4) – $14.91

These patterned pillow covers would work well in a family room or bedroom with neutral tones.

Boho Pillow Covers

Remember to think outside the box and mix things up a bit. You can put a stripe from the farmhouse grouping with a shell print from the coastal style. Most of the solid neutrals will work great paired with any of the other designs.

Pillow covers are an awesome way to go because you can change the look of your pillows without needing a lot of extra storage space. You can simply change the covers out then wash and store the unused folded cases in your linen closet without the extra bulk that pillows would have.

What is your style? What designs would you put together? You know I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below. :)

Pin graphic of four different pillow covers.

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