I’m sharing my fall living room using a few coastal elements to create a mix of colors and textures for that cozy fall look and feel.

Living room picture that includes bookshelves adorned with braided pumpkins and coastal photos. Also, includes fireplace and a wingback chair.

Inside: A Cozy Fall Living Room With Coastal Accents

Fall Living Room Decor

Decorating your fall living room can be done without reinventing the wheel. You don’t have to start with a clean slate. Nor do you have to go out a buy all new things. Instead, it’s about taking away and adding a few touches.

Switching out a few things can transition you from summer to fall and give your space a new and refreshed feeling. Fall colors are naturally warm and cozy and so easy to incorporate.

Close up picture of bookshelves, fireplace, and chair decorated for fall.

You will usually always find some coastal or lake touches in my decor around the house, no matter what season it is. And this fall is no different – I kept a couple of items out to transition from summer to fall this year .

I wasn’t ready to part with the chippy white wooden framed mirror on the mantel. Nor was I ready to pack away the coastal pictures on my bookshelves. So I ended up basing the fall colors in our living room on those three pictures.

Living room sectional with fall pillows and draped with fall throws.
Fall living room - sectional with fall pillows and coffee table with fall vignette.

This room has eight feet of windows and faces southeast – mainly south. So we get an extreme amount of sun in this room during the day, even with the porch roof overhang out front.

You’ll see how the sun dances around the room as you look at the pictures. It doesn’t make taking photos easy, that’s for sure.

I added the brown plaid blanket that I recently purchased here, and I love the contrast it adds. However, after looking at these photos, I would probably arrange that differently on the sectional.

Three pillows - Olive green, blue floral, and white crab lumbar.

The first thing I switched out was my throw pillow covers. This easy switch makes such a significant impact. Before doing that, I had to decide what colors to pull out from the coastal pictures. I went with the greens and blues.

Since I didn’t have pillow covers in the shades of blue and green I needed, I went on a mission to find the perfect ones. Finally, I found these teal embroidered jacquard floral covers and fell in love. They were the right colors AND had rust, burgundy, and gold colors – all perfect for fall.

Then I found these linen/cotton green olive covers. They look great with the blue pillows – even better in real life than in the photos.

Fall Living Room - close up of sectional in living room with fall pillows and a plaid throw.

Every cozy fall living room with coastal accents needs a crab pillow. Don’t ya think? So, in addition to using the coastal pictures, another coastal touch I added is the white crab lumbar pillow. I purchased it at T.J. Maxx several years ago. I think it looks with the floral jacquard.

Fall living room - close up of real pumpkins - cinderella pumpkin, white pumpkin, and a green gourd on a wood mantel.
Close up of real pumpkins - cinderella pumpkin, white pumpkin, and a green gourd on a wood mantel.
Fall living room - close up of real pumpkins - cinderella pumpkin, white pumpkin, and a green gourd on a wood mantel.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

I placed various real pumpkins on the mantel, added greenery stems, and tucked in some creamy Baby’s Breath. Some of the greenery I already had. I picked up the green Amaranthus and creamy Baby’s Breath from Hobby Lobby.

The Cinderella pumpkin steals the show – don’t you love them?

Close up of real pumpkins in fall living room - cinderella pumpkin, white pumpkin, and a green gourd on a wood mantel.

Fall Mantel Decor

I paired a vase of golden orange leaves and candles with the pumpkins. I purchased the stem of leaves from T.J. Maxx, and the vase is Hearth & Hand from Target. I’ve had the candlesticks for years now.

Close up of fireplace with fire.
Fall Living room - mantel decorated with white round mirror, golden leaf stem in a vase, and heirloom pumpkins.

First Cozy Fall Fire of the Year

The day I took these pictures was the first cold day of the year. Pete built a fire that morning! So now you get to join me for the first fire of the year. I ended up letting it dwindle some because I got warm in here while moving around taking pictures.

Close up of vignette with vintage squirrels, a green plant, and a brown crocheted pumpkin.

Fall Coffee Table Decor

I paired this plant, pumpkin, and these little squirrels in a metal tray on the coffee table. The plant is from Target, and I snagged the pumpkin at Walmart. I bought the two little squirrels at a vintage market several years ago.

Picture of fireplace decorated with pumpkins and candles. And a cozy chair pulled up by the fire.

I draped a pale blue blanket over the wing-backed chair and added the “Hello Pumpkin” pillow. The blanket lends a coastal vibe and ties in with the pictures, and the pillow ties in nicely with the gold and orange tones from the mantel decor.

During the cold months, when friends and family are over, often, someone will pull the chair closer to the fire. It’s a cozy spot, for sure. I love how it looks in front of the fireplace, so I took pictures of it there too.

I scored this Queen Ann wingback chair from Facebook Marketplace. And the bonus was I only had to drive about 4 miles to get it. The previous owner had had it reupholstered. However, I plan to have it slipcovered so that I can remove it for washing.

Two pillows and a cream throw on the end of a sectional couch.

I use the chenille throw year-round, even though it’s a lightweight cotton. When we have a fire going, it gets pretty warm in here. Still, I like wrapping up in a throw, and this one’s perfect for that.

Two pillows and a throw on a sectional and sea stars and a candle on an end table.

I put some sea stars on the end table next to the candles. My daughter-in-law got me this unique candle holder made from a dough board. Yes, it’s wood. There is a sticker on the back about needing to be very careful when using dough board candles since the wood will burn.

I’m already thinking about how to use the dough board once the candles are gone.

White Jack 'O Lantern tucked in a basket with a pillow and black and white throw sitting on a wardrobe.

I decorated the antique wardrobe behind the sectional with a white jack o’lantern tucked into a basket with a cozy black and white blanket. I put a stand of twilight lights in the jack o’lantern. You can go see how I painted this Faux Ceramic Scary Jack O’ Lantern here.

Two pillows on one end of a sectional with an old wooden door sporting a fall wreath in the background.

Using Fall Wreaths To Decorate

I hung a fall wreath on the wooden door propped in the corner behind the sectional. I love the gold and orange colors against the old weathered wood.

You also get a peek at the pumpkin and fall garland I have on the hutch in the kitchen.

Living room all decorated for fall.

I used natural woven and braided pumpkins and a bottle brush pumpkin on the bookshelves. The orange patinaed gourd is something I found at a pop-up vintage market.

I bought two of them. The other gourd is an apple gourd, and they both have the same beautiful natural orange patina. The sweet girl I bought them from told me they had been outside under a pile of leaves.

The bookshelves on the other side of the fireplace house the TV. On the top shelf I added a woven pumpkin and eucalyptus stems in front of a piece of driftwood.

Since I posted on How To Hide A TV With A Drop Cloth Curtain, we have purchased a larger TV. We decided to go ahead and buy the largest one that would fit in the cabinet. So, now the TV peeks out of the top of the curtain. I’ve been pondering some thoughts on what else I can do there.

Blue throw and a pillow tucked in a basket sitting on the hearth.

I draped this blue blanket (bought from Target years ago) in a basket, tucked an appliqued pumpkin pillow inside, and set it on the hearth. It matches the pillows beautifully.

Wingback chair pulled up to a cozy fire. "Hello Pumpkin" pillow in the chair.

I hope you’ve enjoyed “visiting” our living room. I’m so glad to have you here.


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