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Have you ever had a time when you were frustrated beyond belief? I sure have! And it has had everything to do with the internet situation here at our place. I’m telling you my patience, sanity, and religion has been pushed to the limit over the last several weeks. Although my poor internet guy could drive here blindfolded now, he has been amazing at trying to figure out the problem. Of course, some of that “figuring out” required us to add additional equipment at a not-so-cheap expense. We live way (like really way) back in the woods and out in the boondocks. We have no cable or DSL available out here. Our only option is satellite internet, and it has never been great, but recently it got worse – worse than you could imagine. Like nightmare worse for a blogger! The lack of service has interfered drastically with my blogging. In trying to keep HG posting on time, I had to use every bit of internet time I had working on the party to make sure it was ready to go each week. I’m happy (no, actually ECSTATIC to tell you that I have had no interruptions since our internet guy was out yesterday. Yep, he even came out on Memorial Day to work on this for us. He’s the best! I wanted to explain why I haven’t had any new posts up recently. Now you know! So Lord willing and if the creek don’t rise, things will be running more smoothly in my blogging neck of the woods.

With all that said and behind me, let’s talk about Homestyle Gathering! You will notice a few changes. I have been working on these changes for a while now and decided to wait until today to reveal the new “shiny” version of HG. I have more new things in mind, so be on the lookout in the future.

Lets get this HG Link Party started!

Sit back in your comfy chair with your favorite drink and enjoy your time here!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Serving Up Southern

Enjoy these features from last week’s party!

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A Pretty Spring-to-Summer Tablescape || Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Wrought Iron Chair Makeover || Dabbling & Decorating

French Terracotta Coasters || Interior Frugalista

Garden Lights DIY || The Apple Street Cottage

Peach Sorbet Recipe || Thistle Key Lane

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I want to thank all of you who have linked up to HG in the past and invite any bloggers who are here for the first time to join us and link up!

I love reading your comments so please don’t be shy!
Enjoy the party!

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Thank you for joining us this week! Before getting started, please review our rules:

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  1. Thank you so much, Kim for featuring my clay saucer coasters! Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and good luck with your internet connection. Hopefully whatever he did yesterday did the trick. P.S. I’m totally jealous you live in the boondocks, I crave the sound of crickets over the constant hum of traffic.

    1. Hi Marie!
      We had a great Memorial Day weekend! So far, the internet is doing well. It has certainly given me much grief, but the tradeoff for country living is worth it. Thanks for linking up at HG!
      >>> Kim

  2. It\’s so sweet of you to feature my garden lights, Kim. Thank you for hosting a wonderful party!

    1. Hi Ann!
      I’m planning to try my hand at making some of those lights to hang in the trees behind our house. I think they would look great out there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!
      >>> Kim

  3. Thanks for hosting… glad the internet seems to be fixed, and I hope your health is on the mend, as well!

  4. Glad to hear you’re continuing the party — particularly since I just found it! Congrats on defeating the internet demons. :)

  5. Thank you so much for hosting the party.
    Have a great week,

  6. Thanks for hosting, Kim. Glad you got your internet connection issues worked out. That’s always a pain. Hope you’e having a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Beverly!
      So far, so good with the internet! My week has been going well. I hope yours is too! Thank you for linking up at HG!
      >>> Kim

  7. Oh, no! Internet issues are the worst! I couldn’t handle those issues before blogging, so I can’t imagine your frustration now. I hope your week only gets better from here!

  8. So glad your internet situation was remedied! Thanks for hosting and for all your time in organizing the gathering. Happy to be linking with you at #23 – and eager to soak up the inspiration from other creatives in blogland. Peace to you right where you are, Kim. :)

  9. Kim, thank you so much for the feature this week! I look forward to joining you each week friend!

    1. Hi Ann!
      I love your bench and those cushions. I followed your link, but they don’t seem to be available anymore. I have a metal glider that had belonged to my mother-in-law. I would love to have cushions just like those for it! Thanks so much for linking up each week at HG!
      >>> Kim

  10. Internet problems when you are a blogger are the pits. When I’m at the lake I can only use my hotspot or cellular data to do any blog work that needs doing. It always takes forever and I’m usually nearly in tears by the time I get accomplished what I need to do. I usually don’t have to do work when I’m there but every once in awhile I need to do something and it’s so difficult with poor service. The great thing is they are laying cable now for high speed Internet to become available in my neighborhood.

    Thank you for hosting and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have no more Internet trouble.

    1. Oh, Paula!
      You are so fortunate to have high-speed internet coming soon! Our son, who also lives out in the boonies, is getting it within the next year thanks to his power company. They are putting in FiOS cable for all of their customers. I’m so envious! Funny thing – our neighbor (a country mile away) works for the power company who provides our son’s service, but he has a different power company (same as ours), so he can’t get it. I know that has to really bite! Trust me have been in tears many times due to this mess! So far, things have greatly improved! I’m saying a prayer that it lasts.

  11. Thank you for hosting. Technical problems are the worst, so stressful for bloggers with those darn deadlines.
    I loved your first paragraph I chuckled when you said you almost lost your religion. Too funny.

    1. Hi Leanna!
      Haha…those darn internet issues stretched about all of my limits. My husband may or may not have witnessed me having a hissy fit a couple of times when I would lose all of my work and then have to redo it all. Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up!
      >>> Kim

  12. Thanks for inviting me to the party, Kim! Ugh-internet problems are the worst; so sorry! Thanks for sticking with it and hosting! Know it’s a lot of work.

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