This Printable Shopping List will help you keep track of what you need to buy, what you have already purchased, and if you’ve wrapped it. You can easily keep track of all those Christmas gifts.

Who doesn’t need a printable shopping list for Christmas? I’m so tired of jotting quick notes on a piece of paper only to be confused by my note-taking because there was no order to it. If this ever happens to you, this organized list will help you know just what you’re buying for who.

Why use a printable Christmas shopping list?

  • It will help you keep track of what you’ve purchased for everyone on your list.
  • A list will ensure that you don’t accidentally forget anyone.
  • It’s the perfect tool for staying on budget.
  • You can keep track of what gifts you have wrapped and what’s left to be wrapped.

There have been plenty of times I have forgotten what I had already purchased someone, so then I would pick up something else. Then when I got home, I realized I had bought far too much for one or two and not enough for others. This list will keep that from happening.

Printable Christmas shopping list laying on a white wooden board with Christmas greenery.

How do I use this printable shopping list?

  • Write down the name of that special someone.
  • Add some gift ideas.
  • Jot down the sizes you’ll need of any clothing items you plan to purchase.
  • Fill in the budget for each gift.
  • Enter the amount you spend on each item.
  • Check off each item when you purchase it.
  • Mark “Done” when purchases are complete.
  • Put a checkmark in the circle after you’ve wrapped the gift.

That’s all there is to it.

Get your free Christmas Shopping List here:

(Print on a good cardstock so it will last you throughout the holiday season.)


Keep this printable shopping list with you in case you need to jot down a gift idea when someone mentions something they’d like to have. You could also have family members fill out a box with gift requests and sizes (if the suggestions are clothing).

Printable shopping list on white wooden board with greenery and cranberries.

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What kind of shopper are you? Can you keep it all together and sorted out in your head, or are shopping lists your best friends?

Pinterest graphic of a printable shopping list on a white wooden board with greenery and cranberries.

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  1. I so needed this when I was making my lists the other day. This is great!

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