If you’ve been following along in our Easter {Eggs}travaganza series, you’ve seen how to make these yummy deviled eggs, our tie-dyed eggs, and dinosaur {fossil} eggs.

Now, I wan’t to show you these little peeps.  Aren’t they the cutest things?  These would be great for an Easter brunch – for “big” and little kids.

These little cuties are super easy to make.   You just start out with hard-boiled eggs.  Instead of cutting the eggs from end to end, you’ll be cutting them across.

You will make the beaks out of carrots.  I used dark sesame seeds for the eyes.  In fact, I couldn’t think of what I had to use that would work.  After looking through my pantry and coming up empty-handed it hit me.  I went to the pantry and retrieved my loaf of 12 grain bread, took out a piece and started picking off the sesame seeds from the crust.  Hows that for ingenuity?

Cut pieces of carrots into the shape of little beaks.  They don’t have to be perfect – that way each one takes on it’s own personality.  Megan and I think the one in the top right corner, in the above picture, looks mean.

Remember, these were dyed eggs before they were peeps, hence the red and pink colors you are seeing.   We put them in a cardboard egg carton.  This would make them easy to transport – in the event that you would be traveling with these little guys.


We took this one step farther and decided to make deviled eggs with these using our favorite deviled egg recipe.  And…this is what we came up with.

These are a little different since your filling the ends instead of the sides of the eggs.  We didn’t really plan this, but love the way they turned out.

Using a clean empty egg carton is a nifty way to take these to a cook-out or any other occasion.  Enjoy!


Have fun and enjoy!

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