How To Write A Thoughtful Thank You Note / Do you ever sit down to write a thank you note and just get stumped with what to say and how to say it? Here’s my 6 step format that makes writing a thank you note a breeze.

When was the last time you actually wrote a thank you note? I used to be really good at promptly sending thank you notes. It’s such a great way to tell people how much they are appreciated. Sadly, over the years writing thank you notes has taken a back seat. This tech-savvy world we live in has enabled us to communicate via texting, email, and social media in an instant, but I would much prefer receiving a thank you note by way of snail mail. How about you?

So recently, I decided to polish my skills in writing a thoughtful thank you note and get back in the game. There’s something about putting pen to paper and personally writing out a thank you to someone, personally. Plus, my mama taught me that it’s just good manners.

Do you ever sit down to write a note and draw a blank on what to write? I have a six-step format on how to write a thoughtful thank you note. Use this simple format to write a thoughtful and meaningful note for that special person.

How To Write A Thankful Thank You Note / Serving Up Southern

Here are a few sign-off examples of how to end your note.

  • Warmly
  • Affectionately
  • Cheers
  • Love
  • Friends always

Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind when writing your thank you note.

  • Send notes as quickly as possible – generally within a week, but remember, late is better than never.
  • Never mention money – when you have received a gift of money it’s best to thank the person for their generosity, and then tell them how it will help, or how you plan to use it.
  • Don’t type the note – handwrite the note in black or dark ink preferably on personal stationery or notecards. Most of all keep it simple and to the point.

Are you like me and need to stock up on some thank you notes? If so, I really like these, and these, and these.

In this day and age, writing out and sending a thank you note is especially important. While modern day technology allows us the convenience of casual contact through social media, showing gratitude in a traditional form will never go out of style.

How about you? Are you already in the rhythm of writing thank you notes? If so, great! If not, I hope this encourages you to pick up that pen and start writing.


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