This cute little jack o’ lantern is a little more stylish with his new look. He’s gone from looking like inexpensive resin to pretty ceramic. Let me show you how!

A couple of weeks ago, I strolled past this cute scary jack o’ lantern in Lowe’s. Well, he was advertised as scary, but I didn’t think he looked all that scary. I liked that mischevious grin.

Orange resin jack o' lantern sitting on white wood surface.

Even though I thought he was cute, I was looking for something to use indoors and wasn’t really down with orange. Then, I had a light bulb moment – it occurred to me that if I can paint solid faux pumpkins and real pumpkins, why couldn’t I paint a jack o’ lantern.

I put it in the buggy and went on my merry way, very pleased with my idea.

As you can see, these are not the same pumpkins. I got carried away and painted the first one before I took (before) pictures of it. So, I took photos of this one to show you how they looked before I painted them.

Orange jack o' lantern pumpkin that has been painted white sitting on a white wooden surface.

Here’s what I needed to give this jack o’ lantern a stylish look:

White jack o' lantern nestled in a basket with a pillow and throw sitting on a hearth.

I love how this little fella turned out. Both pumpkins came are electric and light up, but the white makes the face stand out when it’s not lit up.

White painted Jack O' Lantern lit up and sitting on a fireplace mantel with eucalyptus.

And in the evening you can light them up for a friendly spooky look. My grandkids love them. (I’m redoing things on the mantel, so I decided to stick him up there with some eucalyptus so you can see how he looks lit up late in the evening.)

White painted Jack O' Lantern cozied up in a basket with a pillow and throw sitting on a hearth.

Here he’s cozied up in a basket with a blanket and pillow on the hearth. I love that they look nice either way you use them – lit or unlit.

So how did I go about painting the scary jack o’ lantern?

Honestly, there’s not much to explain. I already had some white craft paint at home. I started by painting the edges of the mouth and eye openings. Then, I painted the entire surface leaving the stem unpainted. Two coats of paint covered all of the orange.

I was planning to add a coat of clear wax, but couldn’t find mine. I will probably go back and add that even though I wouldn’t need to because it looks great without it.

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I don’t want you to think I don’t like orange pumpkins, because I do. There are places I might use them around the house. I was just excited about painting these cute scary jack o’ lanterns to give you some inspiration.

So how do you like your Halloween decor? Do you find yourself painting things for a more neutral look, or do you like the orange? You know I would love for you to tell me in the comments!

Pinterest graphic of a white painted Jack O' Lantern lit up and sitting on a mantel with eucalyptus .
Pinterest graphic of a white painted Jack O' Lantern nestled down in basket with a throw and pillow sitting on a hearth.
Pinterest graphic of an orange resin pumpkin and one that has been painted white.

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  1. I love this. What a great transformation. The cream color is lovely.

  2. Wow, a different with a coat of paint. I love it in the dark too.
    Happy fall,
    Ps. please share this post on my site at the You’re The Star blog hop

    1. Hi Kippi!
      It was a fun little project! I shared at your link party last night. Thanks for the invite!
      I hope you’re having a beautiful day!
      >>> Kim

  3. The cream color is super classy, what a great idea. Makes me want to try a bunch of different colors next Halloween! Thanks for sharing.

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